Bookings should be done directly with the Company through the Rental office located in Via Berlino 32 Verdellino BG, by meeting in person, or via phone, fax or email at

As for the booking to be considered valid, Vierre Autonoleggio srl must sign it and send it back to the client for double signature.

Upon client requests, the Rental office sends free quotations on services based on details and information the client provides.

Unless otherwise indicated clearly reported in the quotation:

  • The prices include VAT (if applicable) and tolls.
  • On the contrary, it is not included: personal taxes for single passengers in Italy and abroad, LTZ (Limited traffic Zone), parking, marks, bus taxes for abroad transportation, ferries, tunnels, bridges and train shuttles unless otherwise indicated in the quotation.
  • When the company will pay upfront the costs for: parking, ferries, tunnels, borders and others on behalf of the client, those costs will be charged in the invoice with VAT addition.
  • Expenses documents paid upfront by the Company on behalf of the client, based on the above-mentioned regulation, will be at the client’s disposal when the invoice will be issued.

Expenses for HB treatment are client’s responsibility and an extra charge of €22 i.c. for any meal not provided (alternatives e.g. packed lunches are not contemplated).

  • Second driver: €200/day;
  • Main driver: €200/day, in addition to all travel expenses;
  • All services must end by the time agreed in the quotation; beyond that time, the supplement charged is €40/hour.
    For airport transfers the time included in the service is 1h, for extra time the supplement is the same as above (€40/hour).

The necessity to have a second driver aboard refers to the CE regulation 561/2006and s.m.i.

Please notice that in total time of duty of the driver it is also included the distances travelled empty (unladen journeys).

Upon confirmation of the quotation the client is requested to pay a deposit up to 30% of the total amount quoted, with a minimum of €200. The remaining part of the service is to be paid up to 5 working days prior the start of the journey.
A copy of the payment must be sent to the Company via email ( Other payment methods may be discussed and defined with the client directly.

The distance covered by the vehicle and the driver without passengers (unladen journeys), from the company garages to the pickup point confirmed by the client and return, are calculated in addition to the total amount of kilometers of the service requested.

For any booking cancellation received after the confirmation of the service the penalty fees applied are:

  • for cancellations from the confirmation up to 48hrs before the service the penalty fee is 30% of the total service cost;
  • for cancellations with less than 48 hour-notice the penalty fee is 50% of the total service cost.

Any cancellation must be sent via email ( to the rental office during working hours.

Our buses are driven exclusively by our Company’s employees covered by all mandatory insurances and for which the employer fulfils the obligations of the contribution of pension and social security; drivers hold the professional documentation required by law.

In relation to the travelling staff, the Company applies the current local and European legislation on daily driving and rest time of the drivers working on non-line buses; In specific, it is mandatory required that in the period of 24 hours

  • the overall driving time must not go beyond 9 hours per day;
  • the maximum run-time for drivers at the wheel must be 4.5 hours, followed by 45 minutes break. As an alternative, 2 breaks can be allowed: one break of minimum 15 minutes and a second one of minimum 30 minutes (this second break cannot be shorten even if the first break lasts longer than 15 minutes) within the 4.5 hours of consecutive driving;
  • the driver must rest for a minimum of 11 hours, therefore the bus cannot run for more than 13 hours on a daily basis (as an example, if the start of the service is due at 7 am the journey must end by 8 pm if this is managed by one driver only. On the contrary, a second driver can be requested with the surcharge explicated above at section “Surcharges”).

Night services

Since January 2014, in case of driving service between 10 pm and 6 am, if the service is run by one driver only, he will be allowed to drive up to 3 hours in a raw as maximum, then he will be required to respect 45-minute break before driving for another 3 hours. The Company declines all responsibilities in case the travel plan will be edited from the original one agreed upon confirmation of the service.

The regulation involves the joint and several liability between client and the Company in case of lack of respect of the rules.

In the calculation of the hours of duty of each driver it must be considered also the time of unladen journeys.

On buses whose seats have belts available, it is mandatory for the passengers to fasten them. Also, passengers must remain seated during the journey.

The company does not take any responsibility for eventual personal injuries or damages to items, and neither will pay penalties due to lack of observance of the rules above mentioned. Those instead will be the passenger’s responsibility to be paid, if he/she is of legal age, or the team referent in case of minors.

It is also forbidden to bring aboard suitcases that could obstruct the exits, small items such as bags or purses are allowed if they can be stored in the overhead lockers. Other baggages must be stored in the luggage compartment of the bus.

All vehicles used are in possession of a title registration rental with driver in full compliance with applicable provisions on annual car overhaul.

The company also guarantees periodic cycles of maintenance as to ensure constant efficiency and safety conditions for passengers and drivers at all times.

All buses used for rent are provided with the following minimum standard equipment: reclining seats, air conditioning, minibar, radio, CD player, Hi-Fi system, TV. Extra equipment (i.g. Toilette, small tables, coffee machine, DVD player) may be included if available and upon request to the Rental office.

The service will respect the travel plan requested by the client with the travel Company.

Any variation to the journey after the confirmation of the agreement must be communicated to the Rental office with a minimum of 3 days notice.

  • Any change to the travel agreement requested during the service must be defined with the driver, who will mark them on the travel document which will be mandatorily signed by the client (or from the group referent).

The driver must respect any variation requested by the client or group referent in accordance with the law regulating the driving hours and the maximum duration of the service, not least those will depend on the possibilities of usage of the vehicles and the routes. The evaluation of this last condition falls within the competency of the driver only.

Variations agreed after the start of the service, if those imply an increase of distance (in KM) compared to the initial agreed one will result in a consequent adjustment of the service price.

Service interruption due to force major acts will not result in any refund right for the client.

In case of technical breakdown to the vehicle, the Company guarantees prompt intervention as to limit the passengers’ inconvenience. This means the Company will contact partner organizations as to repair or substitute the vehicle.

All buses are covered with insurance with private institutes for risks coming from road traffic as per regulation 990/69.

The driver and Vierre staff members will store all items found on the vehicles by the Rental office. If possible, the staff will contact the owners as to organize with him/her the pickup. Where Vierre staff won’t be able to recall the owner of any lost item, this will remain stored for maximum 3 months from the discovery.

The Company is not responsible for lost, yet not found items.

Eventual damages to the vehicle caused by the passengers and/or their items will be charged to the client.

For all that is not expressly covered in the above-mentioned regulations, the law of the rental contracts applies.

For any dispute the competent authority will be the Court of Bergamo.

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